YouTube Earnings Calculator

It is easy to upload a YouTube video, but not everyone can make any money off of it, and, in rare cases, make a living from it.

YouTube creators maximize their chances of making money from YouTube by making sure they are uploading videos that feature content that viewers will find relatable, interesting, and engaging. Content creators will market their videos on their blogs, social media, website, and other video sites. Growing the subscriber number and being verified is a great way to lead to gaining YouTube views, and using our YouTube Money calculator to find out how much you could potentially earn.

How the YouTube earning calculator work

The YouTube earning calculator is there so you can calculate, very easily, how much your estimated earnings from a YouTube video can be. The calculator uses different information to calculate this figure for you. This is based on the number of views, audience engagement, and other aspects.

What is YouTube CPM?

YouTube CPM is one of the basic statistics involved in YouTube advertising. CPM stands for Cost per Mille. The word Mille is a thousand in Latin. Effectively it means cost per thousand views. This is the figure that an advertiser has to pay each time one of their ads reach a thousand views. This money, however, doesn't go directly to the content creator, it goes to YouTube or Google first, and they take close to half of your earnings from video content.

How much YouTubers earn

These are the current biggest earners on YouTube.

-Markiplier is a popular choice for sponsors and his current estimated earnings are $13 million.

-PewDiePie was at one stage YouTube's biggest star, he currently earns $13 million.

-Preston Arsement is a newcomer, thanks to a series of Call of Duty videos. His earnings are $14 million.

-Jeffree Star posts hugely popular makeup tutorials, he has earned $17 million.

-Rhett and Link are two of YouTube's earliest stars. They host a show called Good Mythical Morning, their audience has taken them to $17.5 million.

-Anastasia Radzinskaya is a Russian 5-year old whose multi-language videos have seen her net $18 million.

-Dude Perfect are five friends in their 30s who break World Records and play sports. Their earnings are $20 million.

-Ryan Kaji has earned $26 million thanks to his toy unboxing videos that are hugely popular with children.

How to monetize your YouTube videos

If you are wondering how to monetize YouTube videos, we have outlined a very brief summary of the steps to follow to allow you to make money from your videos.

1. Enable the account - There is a monetisation option you need to tick in the YouTube account. Ticking this will open up the agreement which you need to agree with.

2. Connect the channel to an AdSense account - You can create an AdSense account or you can add the channel to an already existing account.

3. Check the criteria and ad formats - YouTube only allows users to monetise what they will consider is an advertiser-friendly video. What this means is that you cannot charge for a video that features nudity or violence. In particular, you need to make sure that you are not breaking any copyright laws. You can choose the kinds of ads you want, this can include overlay videos or skippable video ads.

4. You can select one video or multiple videos that can be monetised.

Once these steps have been completed, you should be accepted and can then start making and sharing your videos. To generate a healthy income you need to create a substantial collection of well-promoted videos.