Music Streaming Royalty Calculator

Some time ago the notion of flipping through millions of songs on a phone or tablet would have seemed like science fiction. Now it is an everyday occurrence.

The rise of music streaming is linked with many breakthroughs that are all connected to the history of music technology. Radio meant people no longer had to physically see a live performance. Vinyl gave us the chance to play music whenever we wanted. The cassette turned music portable. Now in the digital era, internet-connected devices provide instant access to music. For music artists who are looking into having their music streamed, you can use our music stream calculator to work out your royalties and streaming income.

What streaming music services pay

Digital Music News recently released its streaming royalty payouts list. This provides a detailed breakdown of what each streaming site pays to its musical artists. Digital Music News used the information it had sourced from artists and websites to update their payouts list.

It is this list that we have used as the backbone of our music stream calculator. This means that you can use this to find out which music streaming service pays the most using our music streams calculator.

Spotify pay per stream

Spotify used to be one of the streaming services that had the worst payouts. Now, Spotify has been slowly increasing its rates for each stream.

Spotify was paying out $0.0038 per stream, then that increased to $0.00397. Now the most popular streaming service is paying out $0.00437 per play. This uptick means that Spotify is strengthening its position as the leading streaming service.

Apple Music pay per stream

Apple Music has always been paying its artists more than its major rival, Spotify. This trend has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon as Apple Music has continued to pay artists more.

The service was paying $0.0064 per play, with that number rising to $0.00783. Currently, that figure is now at $0.00735 per play, for an artist on Apple Music to earn the monthly minimum wage in the United States they would need 200,272 plays.

Tidal pay per stream

TIDAL, Jay-Z's streaming platform has recently been beleaguered with several controversies, not least including the fact that the site has been accused of manipulating users' accounts to increase the number of streams for artists such as Kanye West and Beyonce.

Despite these issues, TIDAL is still a very artist-friendly service, they were paying out $0.01284 per play but that number did drop slightly to $0.0125 per play, which has been factored into the streams calulator.

Napster music streaming pays the most

Napster, the streaming service that started it all, is still recognized as the streaming service leader and the most artist-friendly. This is still the case now as Napster is still the streaming service that pays the most to its artists. The amount they pay has risen. At one stage it was paying out $0.01682 per play, and that now is at $0.019 per play. What's more, is that Napster is one of the few streaming sites that are still very profitable. Use the above streams calculator to figure out how much streams are worth.